Yosemite National Park – 3D Trail Map, Unframed

SKU 0025A

Scale: 1:180,000
Size: 14” wide x 17” tall

This raised-relief map of Yosemite National Park shows amazing 3D detail of the dramatic mountains, valleys, rivers of the High Sierra Mountains. The park's key features (roads, trails, visitor centers, ...) are shown and labeled. Yosemite's dramatic topography is easy to see and understand with the precisely molded 3D shape. Measuring 17" tall and 14" wide, with over an inch of vertical relief, this map is a unique and attractive tool for exploring the Yosemite area. Park visitors and outdoor enthusiasts will value this map for planning new trips to the park and recalling past ones. It is available both unframed (poster style) and framed (black aluminum, natural-oak finish wood, dark-stained oak wood, or black painted wood). Press the "More Pictures" button below to see more about this beautiful map. Map View

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