White Mtns 4000-Footers – 3D Mountain Map, Unframed

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Scale: 1:125,000
Model Size: 3D main map 23.5" x 20", 3D inset map 5" x 5", overall size 32” x 22"

Summit Terragraphics’ raised-relief wall map of the White Mountains 4000-Footers provides a strikingly beautiful 3D display. The map marks and labels all 48 of the famous 4000-footers and hundreds of other lower peaks. Trails, shelters, trailheads, key geographic features, roads, creeks/streams/ponds, and other useful information are included for easy reference. Displayed on a wall, this map is ideal for peak baggers, hikers, backpackers, skiers, mountain bikers and other White Mountains outdoor enthusiasts. Available unframed or framed with four molding options - black aluminum, black poplar wood, golden oak, and dark oak. If you plan to frame the map yourself, please read the framing information on our Help/FAQs page.


PLEASE BE AWARE: The White Mountains map has a large and detailed legend block and you will see some warping of the text. This is an inevitable result of stretching flat plastic over a 3-D mold; all thermal-formed raised relief maps have warping somewhere. We do our best to minimize it, and make sure it happens in areas not critical to the map itself (e.g. text may get warped but peaks are where they should be, no lakes are going up the sides of mountains, etc.)  We'd love to be able to eliminate the warping, but it just isn't possible. This is still a beautiful and accurate map and, to our knowledge, the only modern 3D map of the White Mountains 4,000 footers.

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