Washington State 3D Map, Unframed

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Horizontal Scale – 1:671,000 (1" = 10.6 miles)
Vertical Exaggeration – 4x (1" = 14,000 feet elevation)
Size: 3D model area 40" x 26", overall size 42" x 28"

Summit's 40" x 26" 3D relief map of Washington State includes the Columbia River Gorge/Valley and northern Oregon, as well a small part of western-most Idaho.  The map is precisely molded to the shape of the terrain and uses an enhanced satellite image to highlight the geographic elements. We've subtly annotated key map features, rivers, the Pacific Crest Trail, peaks, major highways, and larger cities.

This large map is available fully framed and ready to hang in a black anodized aluminum frame or unframed, perfect for pinning to a bulletin board.

Summit 3D Washington State Map, Puget Sound close-up

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