SPECIAL ORDERS ONLY - Big Island of Hawaii Historical Raised-Relief Map

SKU 0043A

Scale: 1:300,000
Size: Trim size 22” x 28”

THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER. While we really like this colorful little map, most people who ordered it were on the Big Island and the topography required a very deep shipping box. That made the cost to ship it significantly more than the cost of the map itself, so we no longer keep it in stock. However, we still have the capability to produce this map, so if you're interested in a special or bulk order of this product, contact us at 304-274-0978 for a cost estimate.


”The first voyagers to the Big Island of Hawaii most likely came from the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti around 500 A.D. … The descendants of that first wave of Polynesians lived a relatively peaceful life for centuries…until the second wave arrived.” So reads the introductory text on one of our most striking and unusual raised relief maps. Originally created as a custom map and now offered for purchase, this 3D map of Old Hawaii Island is both beautiful wall art and illustrated history. Molded to the precise shape of the terrain, like all Summit maps, this colorful historical map is annotated with the ancient village names and introduces the story of the Big Island’s first settlers.

Available unframed or framed with four molding options - black aluminum, black poplar wood, light oak, and dark oak. Trim Size: 22” wide x 28” tall

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