Kauai, Hawaii – 3D Map Mounted and Frame Ready

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Scale: 1:60,000
Size: 39-5/8" x 30-1/2"

Kauai, the fourth largest and geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands, is the focus of this striking raised-relief map. With areas of Kauai’s roughly 560-square-mile terrain inaccessible from the ground, this aerial-view 3D map is the perfect way to take in the whole island. We’ve faithfully reproduced the dramatic topography, from the highest peak of Mount Kawakini to the deep green gorges of Waimea Canyon and the gentle slopes down to the numerous beaches, bays and coastal golf courses. The map is thoroughly but tastefully annotated to identify towns, parks and beaches, geologic features, many hiking trails, the Kapaa bike path, and the Lihue airport.

This large map is available framed and ready to hang in our modern 3/8"-wide black anodized aluminum molding. Or you can order it mounted on sturdy foam board, frame-ready, so you can frame it yourself. 

This large map is expensive to ship to Hawaii. If you are on the island of Kauai, you have the option of buying an unmounted copy in person at the Hanalei Surf Company, 5-5161 Kuhio Highway. Call 1-808-826-9000 to confirm availability.

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