Anchorage & Alaska Range – 3D AeroChart

SKU 0049A

Scale: 1:500,000
Size: 30” tall x 20” wide

If you're in Anchorage, you can buy this chart in person at Northern Lights Avionics, Anchorage’s leader in pilot avionics.

This 3D FAA Sectional aeronautical wall chart covers the Anchorage and Alaska Range airspace from Seward and Resurrection Bay to Denali and much of the Alaska Range. The precisely molded 3D shape replicates the true terrain shape and combines with FAA markings, making it easy for pilots to see how the topography relates to the airspace and flight. These 3D AeroCharts are available unframed–perfect for tacking to a bulletin board or a wall–or fully mounted, framed, and ready to hang in a home, hanger, or office. Frame choices include anodized black aluminum or solid wood (golden oak, dark oak, or black-painted wood).Map View


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