3D US Map – Geophysical Version Poster Style - Unmounted

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Horizontal Scale – 1:4,366,000 (1" = 69 miles)
Vertical Exaggeration, Topography – 12x (1" = 30,300 feet)
Vertical Exaggeration, Bathymetry – 8x (1" = 45,500 feet)
Size: 3D model area 40" x 28", overall size 42" x 30"

Summit’s 3D US Map provides an accurate model of both the topography and the bathymetry of the contiguous 48 United States and surrounding waters. You can literally feel the elevation changes from the San Joaquin Valley to the peaks of the Sierra Mountains and from the continental shelf to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean’s Hatteras Abyssal Plain. While highlighting our country’s geophysical features, this map is also annotated with state and international borders as well as state capitals and major cities.

It is available fully framed and ready to hang in a black anodized aluminum frame or unframed, perfect for pinning to a bulletin board.

 3D US Map - Geophysical  Version

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