Phoenix - South Central Arizona – 3D Earth Image Map, Unframed

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Scale: 1:500,000
Size: 30” tall x 20” wide

Summit Terragraphics’ Phoenix - South-Central Arizona 3D topo map stretches from the Juniper Mountains, west of Flagstaff, south and east to Tucson and the Saguaro National Park. At the center of this high-resolution satellite-image map are the cities of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and more. But the real stars of any raised-relief map are the geographic features—the peaks and ridges that rise from plains and low-lying desert. You can run your finger along the edge where the Mogollon Rim’s flat top drops off toward the smaller peaks to the south. And feel the mountains of the Mazatal, Sierra Ancha, and Superstition ranges that surround Theodore Roosevelt Lake. Farther west, Prescott National Forest crowns the Bradshaw Mountains while the Hassayampa Plain lies west of the big city. Map View

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