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Presentation: Technology Evolution of Raised-Relief Maps – History, Modern Methods, & Design Considerations

Summit founder Mike Higgins spoke at the annual meeting of the North American Cartographic Information Society in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 8-11, 2014. Download the presentation: Evolution of Raised-Relief Maps, History, Modern Methods, and Design Considerations (PDF 1.86 MB)


Custom Raise-Relief Maps Fact Sheet

Whether we’re converting an existing 2D map to raised-relief 3D, or creating something completely new, custom maps can show exactly the area, information, and level of detail/annotation you need, often including logos and other specialized graphics. Download the Custom Maps Fact Sheet (PDF 1456 KB)


White Paper: Raised-Relief Maps -- Adding the Third Dimension

Accurate and easy to understand elevation and slope data is key to a successful trip, mission, or project involving challenging topographic terrain. This paper explores ways to create maps that effectively present the third dimension. Download the white paper: Raised-Relief Maps -- Adding the Third Dimension, describing how maps present elevation and topography(PDF 744 KB)